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Dental Implant-Retained Dentures – Fairfax, VA

An Attractive Smile Without Compromising on Functionality

Does it seem like it’s impossible to find a suitable way to replace your missing teeth? If so, it’s time to rediscover your sense of hope. That’s because at Fairfax Dental Group, we provide a solution that will restore your ability to chew food, smile with confidence, and enjoy several other benefits. Unlike traditional dentures that slip, fall out, and require frequent replacements and adjustments, implant dentures in Fairfax make it possible to enjoy a smile that is permanently in place and can last a lifetime. Contact us today to request a visit with Dr. Ayati so you can finally have your missing teeth replaced from the roots up with implant dentures!

Why Choose Fairfax Dental Group for Implant Dentures?

  • Start-to-Finish Implant Placement In-House
  • Advanced Dental Technology for Greater Accuracy and Precision
  • Dental Insurance Welcome and Financing Available

What Are Implant Dentures?

A digital image of implant dentures in Fairfax on the lower arch

As opposed to traditional dentures that rely on the natural suction created inside the mouth and dental adhesive to stay in place, implant dentures utilize a series of strategically-placed titanium, cylinder-shaped posts and abutments that are inserted along each arch. They attach to snaps or a bar placed on the underside of the dentures to create a sure fit.

Therefore, patients don’t have to worry about their new teeth slipping (which can lead to gum irritation), incurring premature wear, or completely dislodging. Instead, the dentures are securely held in place, which allows them to perform and look like normal teeth.

When meeting with your implant dentist in Fairfax, Dr. Ayati will discuss the two different types of dentures you can choose to receive:

Fixed/Permanent Implant Dentures

Using between 4 and 8 dental implants, a fixed or hybrid denture can be secured into place. This often requires more bone density and cannot be removed by anyone other than a dental professional. However, these are easy to maintain, allowing you to enjoy better oral health over the years.

Removable Implant Dentures

Using only 2-5 implant posts, a removable denture or “overdenture” doesn’t need as much bone density, which is good news if you would prefer to avoid a bone graft in order to have a permanent denture put into place. A bar- or ball-retained device is used to hold your prosthetic in place and can be easily removed at night to clean.

The Implant Denture Process

An older patient and dental hygienist discussing the process of dental implant placement in Fairfax

One of the many perks of receiving implant dentures at Fairfax Dental Group is that we can perform the entire procedure at our dental office. After we’ve determined that you’re the right candidate for the procedure, Dr. Ayati will develop a custom plan for replacing your teeth. This may or may not include preliminary treatments to address jawbone deterioration or gum disease (i.e., bone grafting or periodontal therapy).

Once you are cleared for dental implant surgery, the procedure starts with the placement of the dental implants in Fairfax. Your dentist will make a few small incisions in the gums before placing each implant into the designated area. After closing the gum tissue, a protective cap will be placed over the top to ensure proper healing. You will then be required to spend the next 3-6 months recovering at home and allowing osseointegration to occur. Then, the process will continue with the addition of abutments after you’ve healed sufficiently. We’ll then capture digital bite impressions that will be used to create the implant dentures at an in-network lab. Once the appliances arrive, we’ll place them to leave you with a fully reconstructed smile.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentures?

An older woman holding her hat while smiling on the beach after receiving implant dentures in Fairfax

One of the common myths about dental implant insertion is that it’s only designated for older adults. The reality, however, is that it’s a viable option for patients of any age who have suffered complete tooth loss. Here are the basic factors we consider at Fairfax Dental Group when determining eligibility for dental implant placement:

  • The health of your gums
  • The condition of your overall health
  • The amount of healthy jawbone that remains
  • Whether any remaining teeth need to be extracted to allow for a full mouth reconstruction

Because we take such a careful approach, dental implants in Fairfax have a 95% success rate. Even if you think you will not be eligible for treatment, it is best to talk to Dr. Ayati and allow her to determine if you are a qualified candidate for implant dentures.

Benefits of Combining Dentures & Dental Implants

With the placement of these permanent prosthetics, you’re able to benefit from the smile aesthetics of prosthetic teeth along with the security provided by implant insertion. Here are some of the specific perks you stand to gain:

  • Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, allowing for greater stability and functionality
  • Restored ability to maintain a normal diet, offering a stronger bite force and chewing power
  • No gum irritation from the dentures slipping
  • Easier maintenance by not having to remove them at night if you prefer a fixed denture
  • A more natural-looking smile by attaching beneath the gum line
  • A longer-lasting form of tooth replacement than traditional dentures
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